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.com in Arabic

I heard several months ago that it was going to be possible to use non-latin letters to type in web addresses. It is finally possible. The first non-latin suffix is in Arabic: مصر. (there are two others as well).

You can read more at CNN or the BBC. You can see an example at Egypt’s Ministry of Communication site (though some browsers may convert it to latin script).

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Abraham’s Children

In the midst of all the news of another Islamic terrorist (I am really glad they caught him), I saw this trailer and it made me think of the other 99% of Muslims in the world, including the 600,000 Muslims attending public school in New York City.

HT: Smiling in Syria

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Bacha Bazi

Bacha Bazi means “boy play”. It was banned in Afghanistan under the Taliban and remains illegal. But that hasn’t stopped it.

Young boys who are often orphans or are sold by their families are taught to sing and dance. They dance before groups of men and then are sold to the highest bidder to entertain him the rest of the night.

This is slavery. The boys are trapped and there is no way out. If they do try to escape they are are killed.

Recently Frontline on PBS aired an episode called, “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.” It isn’t easy to watch. But I hope you do. Then I hope you pray for these boys.

HT: Talk Islam

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