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List of 50 Best Muslim Blogs

Are you looking for some Muslim blogs? I found a list of “50 Magnificent Muslim Blogs.” I saw it through Svend’s blog, “Akram’s Razor.” Svend and I’ve never met, but I count him as an online friend through our occasional comments and emails. I was happy to see he was listed as #2.

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The Quran in Legos

Mezba commented on a post I had written and had included a link to his blog, “Teaching Kids the Holy Quran.” After I looked at his blog I knew I wanted to post a link. He creatively uses Legos to teach the Quran.

Here is a link to Surat Maryam, which tells of the birth of the Messiah. Many Christians don’t realize that Muslims also believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. This is a good example of commonality between us. The second part of his Lego rendition of this Surah (chapter) of the Quran is a good example of one of our differences.

Let’s enthusiastically embrace our commonalities and never be afraid to make clear our differences. We don’t have to be offended when people make plain their disagreements with us, especially since we already knew we didn’t agree anyway!

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In Peter Hong’s guest post at Eboo Patel’s blog, Hong makes the case for loving, tolerant fundamentalism. In fact, he argues that if Christians really understood the cross it would be impossible to be intolerant.

What is the truth that all Christians say everyone must know? Ought to believe? It’s Jesus Christ on the cross. And what do you see on the cross–the Son of God dying, bleeding, serving and loving his enemies. If you take into the very center of your being as the absolute truth this Jesus, dying for people who oppose him, hate him, could that possibly make you intolerant, arrogant, and judgmental towards opposing people? Of course not! If it does, then, you haven’t grasped Christianity. You have a veneer of it, not the essence.

Read the whole thing.

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