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A Is for Allah

My last post reminded me of “A Is for Allah.” It was written by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) for his daughter to teach the Arabic alphabet. You can read all the lyrics here. I think it is a very beautiful song.

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.com in Arabic

I heard several months ago that it was going to be possible to use non-latin letters to type in web addresses. It is finally possible. The first non-latin suffix is in Arabic: مصر. (there are two others as well).

You can read more at CNN or the BBC. You can see an example at Egypt’s Ministry of Communication site (though some browsers may convert it to latin script).

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This is a great video of an Arabic Christmas Carol. It brings together things that don’t seem to fit and yet are true of our Savior. Certainly some of you will watch this and think that this could never happen, that God could never do this – you may even think it is blasphemy. I simply ask each of you to remember that God is God and he is in the heavens and does as he pleases. Who are we to tell him what he can and cannot do? Then consider how utterly unique Jesus Christ is in his birth (who else can claim to be born of a virgin?!).

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Charles Spurgeon in Arabic

Charles Spurgeon

In one of the comments Paul pointed me to a site that has Charles Spurgeon’s catechism in Arabic (or you can read it in English).

Spurgeon was one of the greatest 19th century preachers. I am always encouraged when I read his sermons.

As a student of Arabic I am happy to see this translated.

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