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Anas Hlayhel wrote a helpful and short piece on how Muslims can respond when the prophet Mohammad is mocked, “Mocking the Prophet, How Should We React?“. It is well reasoned and rooted in the Qur’an. Here is a short outline:

1. Mockery is equivalent to ignorance.
2. Ignore the ignorant (i.e. the foolish), but engage and even debate the reasonable.
3. Allah will take care of the mocker, so you don’t need to.
4. Respect other faith symbols, even idols, lest others disrespect Islam.

Please read the whole thing in order to see the Qur’anic reasoning behind his points.

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There are many things that Muslims and Christians disagree about. Much of this is owing to the simple fact that we believe different things. But some of the controversy also stems from not fully understanding one another. Perhaps periodic posts on such contentious issues would help us understand one another so that if we do disagree we at least know what we are disagreeing about! Hopefully it will also help us grow in discussing contentious issues with civility and respect. We don’t have to agree, but we do need to honor one another.

I would love for you to include any of these contentious issues you would like to discuss or learn more about in the comments section. As a follower of Jesus Christ from a Christian background I can readily think of many issues that I feel are misunderstood by Muslims. At the same time I am sure that I misunderstand many views held by Muslims. So I would really appreciate any Muslim readers to note in the comments issues that you feel are often misunderstood by Christians. I will gladly look into those issues and perhaps seek some guest posts from Muslim friends to help us better understand them (jihad comes to mind).

Lord willing, I will begin Monday with one of the most contentious issues: The Son of God.

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