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A very good question. Of course, the reverse question is also good. Do you know any Christians? Or how about: Do you know anyone who believes differently than you?

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Ramadan 2011 and 2012

I have wanted to post again for a while (though at times I’ve thought, “Why bother, surely no one reads this anymore.”) I was thinking this morning about Ramadan, both this year and last year. This Ramadan we are in a little farm town in Iowa. Last year we were in Damascus (we left Damascus in the middle of February).

Last year we had prepared ourselves for the worst in Ramadan as we had heard so many things of what might happen. Of course, I can’t say nothing happened because a lot did, but life in Damascus was mostly normal (well, not exactly, but it was normal for us at the time). This Ramadan, though, things are much worse and I feel really sad for all of our Syrian friends who are experiencing such difficulty.

Anyway, as I was thinking about Ramadan I kept thinking about one of my favorite nights during last year’s Ramadan. For iftar (the breaking of the fast after the sun goes down) my family went with our really good friends to a restaurant on the airport road (anyone who has been to Damascus will know what I mean and will be able to picture what it would be like even if they had never been to this particular restaurant).

It was a good meal with great friends. Afterwards we spent a good bit of time at their play place, which is quite a bit more spectacular than McDonald’s play place. Here are two photos. The first is my friend pushing Noah in the swing with Elias in the back climbing up the slide. The second is Lucy and Elias going down the big slide.




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