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There is no greater calling than being a parent. There is no weightier, more humbling or more fulfilling calling than being a parent. The Bible tells us plainly that we are to bring up our children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). That is no small task.

The significance of parenting is felt by Christians and Muslims alike. Sr. Maryam is right when she writes:

Your children are a trust. Your desire to financially provide for your children is honorable and praiseworthy. But realize that in the end, regardless of how much you are able to materialistically provide for them, what they would have appreciated most as a child, and what they will inshaAllah value limitlessly as an adolescent and as an adult, is their ability to connect with the father or mother who has nurtured them and showed undivided interest in them from birth.

We won’t be able to give this love, though, unless we are first captivated and awed by the love of God. To rightly parent children through all the little things in life we first need a vision of the greatness of our Creator and his purposes in the world. John Piper says this so well:

The women who flourish most and who delight most in that calling [motherhood]—and who are best at it—are not women whose lives are circumscribed by their houses. They are women who are aware of the world. They’re aware of God’s global purpose. They’re aware of the ultimate purposes of God in history. They’re aware of things in history and in the far off reaches of the world today that God is doing.

So what is the most important thing we can do to grow as parents? Know God. Simple. Yet, impossible apart from divine grace.

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